What's Bitcoin?

Currency of XXI century

New generation of money

Transakcje "peer to peer"

Bitcoin can be sent without using any intermediaries. Unlike other systems, Bitcoin is the first

Global payment system

Bitcoin allows you to make payments anywhere in the world, instantly.

Low commissions or lack of them

Commissions depend on the current network load and only you decide how much you want to pay for the transfer.

Limited amount

Bitcoins, like gold, are subject to a mining process, with a limited number of 21,000,000 Bitcoins on the network.

Independent of institutions and governments.

Bitcoin was created in response to the 2008 crisis as an alternative to the existing financial system.

Bitcoin is the first global, distributed and decentralized billing system.

This story is worth starting from the beginning, the public history of Bitcoin began in 2009 when an anonymous person or group with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakomoto published the manifesto. The manifest is available here, in a 9 page study Satoshi presented the assumptions for the new - alternative financial system - Bitcoin. The Manifesto presents a revolutionary way to solve the so-called "double-spending" which was a fairly significant problem in current cyber anarchic communities. The manifest was the answer for the financial crisis in the United States in 2009 which was also called as financial collapse, which then hit the world. This crisis was caused by bad monetary policy in the United States and west countries. You can also read more about Bitcoin here

What does it mean in practice? Bitcoin is a departure from the old paper and banking system based on the care of banks and governments. Bitcoin as a concept is a great opportunity for people. Allow each of us, regardless of nationality or views, exchange of unified values ​​ via the internet. The value of bitcoin is the result of the primary laws of supply and demand. Nothing but these two variables has an effect on its value. Independence from external factors and transparency of financial flows from the first to the last transaction makes bitcoin gaining growing popularity . The success of bitcoin is also undoubtedly influenced by the fact that no value is required for sending values ​​ to it. - an intermediary - who could manipulate financial flows in any way. This requires a lot of wisdom and caution from users , because they and only they are responsible for their own bitcoin assets.

How bitcoin is possible?

Bitcoin is the first global, distributed and decentralized billing system . Bitcoin is a distributed, open database , in which every 10 minutes more information is added (transactions) in the so-called blocks. These blocks are inseparably connected to each other, and each subsequent one results directly from the previous one. It is a departure from the former, based on care of banks and governments of the money system.

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