About us

Who we are and what we do

Our mission is to provide a worldwide service of exchanging currencies for all, equally and transparently.

The cryptocurrency sphere is ever developing due to a constant influx of new blockchain based technologies. We offer a growing selection of altcoins on the bitcoin market and four bitcoin to fiat currency pairings. Moreover, you can use our converter for fast altcoin to fiat conversions. The blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the power to change the world. We aim to give you the opportunity to be a part of that change, a part of the evolution of the outdated financial system and the emergence of a completely new industry!

Our developers have many years of experience in the cryptosphere under their belts! The blockchain and the future of fintech have and always will be our main focus and the focal point of our future endeavours. Regardless if you are new to cryptocurrency trading, or already a top trader, you will find our interface intuitive and support helpful!

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We have experience in participating in the StorJ project, and the founder of Polcoin is on our team as well! Our developers combine the complexity of blockchain technology with amazing user experience for your satisfaction.

team experience

vast experience

Security experience

About 6 years supplying security for fintech companies.

Blockchain technologies

We used to work as developers of a lot of blockchain related startups.


Over 5 years of work devoted to Bitcoin legislation in EU.

Beauty of simplicity

Huge experience in beautiful and user friendly apps