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  • Intuitive user interface.
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    Have you, too, ever watched the rise of bitcoin on a Friday night knowing that you could buy it on Monday afternoon at the earliest, after your funds are credited to BitBay, thereby losing a significant part of the increase in value? Everyone who has been on the market for several years has been in such a situation at least once. When creating Bitclude from the very beginning, we had the benefit of our Users in mind, and thus such an event would never happen again.

    • Free Express-Elixir instant deposits
    • BLIK instant deposits
    • Instant withdrawals to over 20 banks
    • Pay-By-Link Instant Deposits

    Of course, if you're not in a rush, you can make a standard bank transfer, posted in three incoming sessions from Monday to Friday.

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    In Bitclude, the system verifies you, not the human

    Anyone who remembers the increases from 2017 knows that most exchanges, including BitBay, redirected traffic to competitive platforms because they were not able to handle the multitude of new customers who wanted to catch the increases. The bottleneck was the need to perform identity verification, which was done manually, which made it difficult to obtain approval of the documents sent quickly and easily. Unlike BitBay platforms, where verification is still human-driven, at Bitclude we rely on an automated system that produces a positive result in as little as 15 minutes. After successful verification that you can do 24/7, it's time to make your first deposit!

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