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What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

An exchange is a place where you can buy or sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly from the owner of the exchange. This means that when making a transaction at the exchange, you must accept the terms and conditions provided by the exchange operator. Online exchanges usually make money on 3 aspects:

  • commission on transactions of up to 20%,
  • spread - the difference between the purchase price and the selling price,
  • commission added to deposits or withdrawals from the site.

How the cryptocurrency exchange works?

When making a purchase in an exchange, you make a transaction with the other party - the exchange operator. Currency exchange operators in Poland are Bitcoin, 4coins, Bitcan and Flying Atom. Some of them provide exchange services exclusively via the Internet, others also operate stationary.

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Why Bitclude Swaper is better?

On the Bitclude panel you can make a transaction in a very similar way as in an exchange. The difference, however, is that at Bitclude you can make transactions with other Users on our platform. The role of the Swaper is to protect your interests by preventing a transaction error. Thanks to the swaper, you will save a significant amount, because your transaction will be carried out at a rate in which we do not interfere in any way. In other words we do not take a commision.

Why choose Bitclude?

  • instant BLIK payments,
  • instant deposits from banks,
  • ATM withdrawals,
  • express-elixir withdrawals.

The difference between a cryptocurrency exchange and a stock exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange differs from a stock exchange in the way the transaction is made. At a stock exchange you trade with other users of the platform, at a cryptocurrency exchange you trade with the operator.

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