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Buy Bitcoin online and start investing with cryptocurrency as well as pay for services through it! Where and how to buy Bitcoin safely? What is its popularity and how can you invest with it? There are various exchange offices, exchanges and platforms for buying Bitcoin on the Internet that are intuitive to use, guarantee security of funds and quick verification. Get to know them and start earning on cryptocurrency!

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Where and how to buy Bitcoin?

The purchase of bitcoin cryptocurrency is possible through the stock exchange or bitcoin exchange. How are they different from each other? Currency exchange is a better solution for people who buy cryptocurrency occasionally or are just starting their adventure with bitcoin. The purchase is made from one person - the owner of the exchange office - who independently sets the rate. More advanced users buy Bitcoin on the exchange. Then it can be purchased from other users, and the exchange owner does not set the rate on his own, but supervises the process. However, you must register on the stock exchange by providing your data, so it is worth choosing a secure platform. If we care about anonymity, a bitcoin exchange will be better.

How to buy Bitcoin step by step?

Where and how to buy or sell Bitcoin for PLN? We will guide you through all stages of buying Bitcoin! Learn step by step what you should do:

  • Register on the stock exchange or a platform that allows you to buy cryptocurrencies.
  • Wait for documents and data to be verified (carefully choose your platform - the verification process may take both a few minutes and several days).
  • Choose the method of payment - usually platforms for the purchase and sale of Bitcoins allow for a quick transfer, card payment or PayPal payment.
  • Buy Bitcoin - after your payment is credited, you can buy Bitcoin cryptocurrency with the money deposited.
  • Save your Bitcoins and transfer to a safe wallet - small sums of Bitcoins can be stored on the exchange, but larger amounts should be transferred to a secure wallet.

Buy or Sell Bitcoin

How to choose a platform to buy Bitcoins?

When choosing a platform for buying and selling bitcoins, it is worth considering:

  • security,
  • convenience (methods of deposits and withdrawals),
  • duration of verification,
  • level of difficulty in using the platform - the more intuitive the platform, the better for a novice user.

Meet the Bitclude platform through which you can buy or sell bitcoin cryptocurrency. We provide a free account, very fast data verification (in just a few minutes), security of funds that are stored offline, in vaults around the world. Our system for buying cryptocurrencies is easy to use, the customer has access to the current bitcoin exchange rate, and can take advantage of training and several methods of withdrawing funds (at ATMs or to the account). Please contact us!

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