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Fast, safe and pleasant

Fast deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals

Fast deposits BLIKs and deposits from over 20 banks. Fast payouts from ATMs.

Superfast verification

Verification in BitClude is ongoing seconds, not days like the competition. We only require basic identifying information

Fully legal

We have the right one KNF licenses for keeping payment accounts.

One of the most trusted exchanges on the market

Your security our priority

Security of funds

Most user funds are kept
in a secure location cut off from the network.

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Insurance for 100M $

Funds kept on external wallets
are insured up to $ 100M.

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Best practices

Team at Bitclude has over 8 years of experience
in securing fintechs.

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Buy and sell cryptocurrencies

For beginners and professionals

Are you beginner

Understanding the potential of cryptocurrencies may not be easy. We know this very well, which is why we have prepared a special guide for you on how you can start your adventure with Bitcoin.

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Are you a trader

For traders, we have prepared the latest trading platform along with a special API that will take you to a higher level, special WebSocket systems will inform you about any change.

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Are you an institution

Do you need professional help on how to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in large quantities? Are you interested in Custody systems? Help yourself and use Bitclude.

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Some payment methods

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Over 20 banks
ATM withdrawals
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Our application allows you to switch between modes for beginner and advanced users.

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