• Choose a wallet

    Wallets - a bank account where you are your own bank

    We can distinguish 3 basic cryptocurrency wallets:
    - Online
    - System
    - Hardware

    Let\'s start with online wallets , they are generally a denial of the establishment of cryptocurrencies, that is, full control over your funds, such wallets are all stock exchanges, exchange offices and online services, we recommend minimizing and treating their use them only as a place to carry out transactions - purchase, sale and small convenient transactions.

    System wallets are more secure than online ones, but their security dependsof the security of the computer we use, some of the more recommended system wallets are:

    Bitcoin - Core Electrum

    Hardware wallets are the safest simple form of keeping cryptocurrencies. They are usually not   vulnerable to attacks on the computer from which we use cryptocurrencies. Hardware wallets are a more expensive form of retention cryptocurrencies, their prices start at around PLN 150-200, are incomparably better than standard wallets. There are many companies on the market that offer hardware wallets:


    Please note that we are neither a producer of hardware nor system wallets, we are not in any way connected with the above mentioned companies and we do not answer for their actions .

  • Get Bitcoins

    Ways to get cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrencies can be obtained in at least two ways
    - Mine them out
    - Buy them

    - Mine them out
    - Buy them
    "Mining" - the process of obtaining bitcoins from the Bitcoin network, consists of solving complicated mathematical calculations aimed at securing the transactional network, the effect of the mining process is generation bitcoins. The network needs a blockchain for proper operation. Bitcoin mining difficulty boils down to total computing power which is used to secure the network. Every 10 minutes, the effect of this computing power, a data block appears in the network in which new transactions are concluded and generated fresh bitcoins, the amount of bitcoins decreases over time and is expected to reach 21,000,000 BTC. Currently, in order to effectively extract Bitcoins it is necessary to have specialized equipment.
    Purchase of cryptocurrencies - you can make it with us on the site, for this purpose we invite you to sign up.

  • How to use a bitcoin?

    Ways to spend bitcoins

    Bitcoin gives you many possibilities. At present, its main value is that based on speculation that its price will rise in the future. As the community grows, however, other alternative methods of using it grow. More and more stores, mainly online ones, pubs and restaurants, accept Bitcoin payments. The upward trend seems to be accelerating more and more, and there are already countries in the world where transactions in bitcoin constitute a significant share in the entire financial market